How to Detoxify And Cleanse Your Body – [An Infographic]


Cleanse your body and detox are core principle of healthy body and mind . Detox = Resting+ Cleansing +Nourishing the body, from the  inside out. Cleanse and detoxification of body need changes in lifestyle to clear toxins from body . Humans have natural ability to detoxify and cleanse itself. Excretory system consist of liver,large intestine, lungs, the skin and kidneys plays essential role in detoxification .

Liver’s job = Filter and excrete waste ,drugs and other foreign particles. Large intestine’s job = Absorbs water and nutrients from food.
Lung’s job = Removal of carbon dioxide .
Kidney’s job = Filter the blood and help in removing waste from the body through
Skin’s job = Aids in elimination of toxins through the sweat glands .

Checkout the infographic by PINTEREST showing How to cleanse and detox Your Body.

6 Common Ways To Detox Your Body:

  • Drink Clean / Purified Water
  • Regular Meditation and Exercise
  • Right Food
  • Purified Air
  • Follow a healthy Diet
  • A Complete Detoxify And Cleanse Your Body

Diny R

Diny R is a director of research and development for women health issues, pregnancy fitness. She has been credited with major advancements in her industry and is a respected member of her field. In recent years Diny R has focused her energy on educating women about the pregnancy related issues.

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