How to Care for Your Feet When You Have Diabetes-(An Infographic)

Diabetes can cause problems with our feet. Because it can cause nerve damage or peripheral neuropathy. We may lose feeling in our feet and not know when we get other injuries on them. This can lead to serious infections and can damage the skin. Because diabetes can make infections harder to treat. It is easy to take care of your feet if we know what to do. Here is the infographic to understand this better:


Inspect your feet every day for signs of infection such as redness or blisters. Also check for swelling, pain, cuts, or sores. You can do this every time while you put on or take off your shoes and socks. If you can’t easily see all of your foot, ask a family member to check your feet for you.
One of the best things we can do for our feet is to keep blood sugar levels under control. Also, ask the doctor to do a full foot exam at least twice a year. If you already have good blood-sugar control and careful foot care can prevent further damage. You can also take help of Diabetic shoes for men and women, which can make your walk comfortable and protect your feet from any damage or cuts.


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