The Facts About Celiac Disease: Symptoms and Solutions

Celiac Disease Symptoms and Solutions

Celiac disease is an digestive disease that affects roughly 1 percent of Americans. Celiac disease symptoms includes gastrointestinal condition. It’s a poor immune response to foods that contain gluten, a protein found in grains. The blood test can show whether a patient has celiac disease. Most people with celiac disease have a genetic predisposition to the condition. Studies show that men and women of any age and race can be affected by celiac disease. Exposure to gluten damages the lining of the small intestine, interfering with the absorption of nutrients from food and often causing abdominal pain. People who have a family member with celiac disease are more likely to have the disease.

Check out the infographic by “Lauren’s Hope” which shows the symptoms of Celiac disease:

Some of the Celiac disease symptoms include:

1) Gas and bloating, Anemia or iron deficiency
2) Skin rashes, Delayed growth in children
3) Headaches or migraines, Diarrhea or constipation
4) Loss of bone density, Mood swings and fatigue
5) Joint pain, Acid re-flux and heartburn

1) To improve digestive health avoid gluten-free junk food
2) Use probiotics and prebiotics foods
3) Follow an anti-inflammatory diet
4) Supplement with L-Glutamine

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